“I did not have the privilege of Kirsten attending either of my births due to distance but I did have the privilege of receiving her support before and after both my miracles were born. Kirsten was there for me, and when I say “there for me” I mean in every way possible except physical form, and at ANY time. From the texts at 2am because I freaked out about my firsts poop color, to the phone call before my second was born. My second was 2 weeks late and I was getting discouraged and Kirsten stepped in and comforted me in ways no one else could. She helped me find a way to connect with my second to let her know I was ready for her to come into the world! A few days later she did!

She answered all questions before and after each of my pregnancies, supported me emotionally, and absolutely cared for me and my babies. She is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of birthing, breastfeeding, and postpartum care for momma and baby. The guidance she provided to me proved to be invaluable and gave me peace of mind.
Kirsten is a lovely person and I thank God she was there for me and my 2 girls! With Kirsten’s help, any birth is possible.” Julia Edwards