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About Me



Kirsten Lovan – Doula, Childbirth Educator, Wellness Consultant + Blogger

Serving Wilmington, NC and beyond.

I began my Childbirth Education Teacher Training with ALACE  and shortly after trained as a Doula with toLabor.  After being an active doula in the community for several years I renewed my interest in teaching and took a Lamaze training in 2013.

I am currently taking some time off from attending births and pursuing my passion as a Beautycounter consultant, creative entrepreneur + blogger.

I have attended over 100 hours of additional training in the areas of breastfeeding support and newborn care.

Currently, I am enrolled in a comprehensive herbal course to continue my passion in supporting families with Herbal Preparations + Nutrition as a Community Herbalist.

I have been working with families in Southeastern NC since 2008 and have attended 80+ births in home and hospital settings. I have experience with supporting un-medicated births, VBAC births, inductions, epidurals, and cesarean births (planned and unplanned) with a variety of care providers.

I also have experience providing postpartum support to families welcoming singles and twins.
My goal when working with a family is that they feel supported in their journey and that support will give them confidence as they transition into parenthood.

This site is devoted to Family Wellness + Creative Entrepreneurship

I offer private and group classes focused on Pregnancy + Birth and Family Wellness; as well as consult for Safer Skincare.

    I am a Doula and trained Childbirth Educator located in Wilmington, N.C. and serving the Cape Fear Region since 2008.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a primary care provider. I offer my opinions and practical advice on pregnancy and related health and wellness articles. I research every topic as thoroughly as possible but this is not to be used in place of sound medical advice.

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