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Hello! I’m Kirsten. (KEERST-ən) Momma, Doula, Childbirth Instructor (like Heee Heee, Hoooo Hoooo for modern moms) , Studier of Herbs, Blogger + Creator of Mess & sometimes something useful.

I have been working with families in Southeastern NC since 2008 and have attended births as a doula and midwife’s assistant in home and hospital settings. It has been truly an honor to serve all of my special families. I started this blog because I want to support families on a larger scale by just living life as it comes and sharing what I know along the way. Hopefully you will find some useful, helpful, and occasionally crazy information on this site.

A little about myself

I am currently taking some time off from attending births and pursuing new passions as a wellness consultant, creative entrepreneur + blogger. I became a mom in 2006 at a very fresh 20 years old. It sounds like days ago and a lifetime ago all at once. It was earth shaking in the best most chaotic way. I love every crazy minute of this rollercoaster of parenthood, even the moments that are fleeting to ones that last too long. My husband, who’s also my childhood bestie, and went on to have 2 more babes and somehow managed to end up with 5 pets. 5 humans + 5 pets = chaos. It’s awesome.

Why am I doing this??

To make the most of my time at home with littles, while living a life of abundance.

I am creating a life that is just for me and my family. With out all the extra stuff + pressure of what is supposed to be.

Celebrating what is!

Follow us on our journey and pick up some useful information along the way.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last decade 🙂

In my past life as a Doula, I was fortunate enough to support 80+ families during their pregnancy and entering into new parenthood.

I began my Childbirth Education Teacher Training with ALACE in 2007 and shortly after trained as a Doula with toLabor.  After being an active doula and busy doula in the community for several years I renewed my interest in teaching and took a Lamaze training in 2013.

I have attended over 100 hours of additional training in the areas of breastfeeding support and newborn care and still continue to build on my knowledge and passion on ways to bring your family accurate and simplified information.

I also have experience providing postpartum support to families welcoming singles and twins.

My goal when working with a family is that they feel supported in their journey and that support will give them confidence as they transition into parenthood.

Currently, I am enrolled in a comprehensive herbal course to continue my passion in supporting families with herbal preparations + nutrition as a community herbalist and writer and am in the process of growing and creating my own courses for expecting mommas with mindfulness and evidenced based support at CenteredBirth!

I have been working with families in Southeastern NC since 2008 and have attended births in home and hospital settings.

It has been truly an honor to serve all of my special families. I take the lessons learned and the love witnessed everywhere I go in life.

I offer private and group classes focused on Pregnancy + Birth and Family Wellness; as well as consult for Safer Skincare.

I am a Doula and trained Childbirth Educator, and trained Breastfeeding Peer Counselor located in Wilmington, N.C. and serving the Cape Fear Region since 2008.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a primary care provider. I offer my opinions and practical advice on pregnancy and related health and wellness articles. I research every topic as thoroughly as possible but this is not to be used in place of sound medical advice.

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