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Introducing Beautycounter

Introducing Beautycounter

Introducing Beautycounter

Why did I choose Beautycounter?

First of all, let me say, direct sales was never in my list of careers I wanted to pursue.

While I whole-heartedly support the hustle I just didn’t see myself as someone who could be successful in sales. Last fall I was working an event at our local maternity and baby boutique, The Bump and Beyond, here in Wilmington for Small Business Saturday (support local). We had local vendors set up with tables and products from different companies with their consultants in attendance.

Almost immediately, Beautycounter caught my eye. 

I was intrigued. I loved the aesthetic and branding of the packaging and products. Drawing my attention closer and I realized that Beautycounter was promoting safer skin care and cosmetics through advocacy and grassroots efforts on the federal level, not just selling (amazing) products.



Advocacy for Safer Products

My previous life, I worked at a health food co-op for over 11 years with many different job descriptions and titles. Always taking with me the invaluable amount of information I seemed to absorb on a daily basis about the industries and ingredients that are commonly used by so many of us and about the lack of regulations and safety of the ingredients put into products that we use everyday.

It was there I realized that I wanted to be an advocate for safety in my work and in my life.

I want moms, dads and babies to have access to safer, more evidence based maternity + healthcare;

I want families and individuals to have access to foods not sprayed or filled with toxic pesticides and harmful ingredients;

I want my community to have access to safer drinking water;

I want the women (and men) in my life to have the safest products in their homes and on their bodies.

Once I realized that Beautycounter went beyond the branding and products into the realm of advocacy on capitol hill, I was hooked. It’s a product with a purpose that I feel really confident to promote and be a part of.

Some of my favorite Beautycounter products can be found in this post.


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